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Early Childhood Information

The Farmington R-7 School District will provide educational services to a number of four year old children in its Pre-Kindergarten Program. This federally funded early childhood program helps pre-kindergarten children become better prepared for school. It provides a safe and nurturing environment that promotes the physical, social, emotional and cognitive development of young children while responding to the needs of families.

To qualify for the Pre-Kindergarten Program children must be four years old before August 1st. The children will be screened in the spring of the year. The children found to be in most need of the early childhood services will enter the program in the fall of the year. Children who are enrolled will attend three hours per day, five days a week. Bus services are available morning or afternoon but parents must provide mid-day transportation. Contact us at 701-1390.


Special Education:
This program is available to children ages 3-5 in the Farmington R-7 School District. Children with potential delays are screened in various areas of development. A determination is then made to see if their delays are enough for further testing for the possible entry into the program. Contact Debbie Moore at 701-1390.


Speech Therapy:
By the time a child is age 3 they should be talking in short sentences that can be understood by other adults. Speech therapy is available to children 3-5 at W.L. Johns. If a parent has any concerns about speech or language development they can be screened and evaluated by our speech therapist and determined if there is a need for speech therapy. Contact Lori Weiland at 701-1390.