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Mission Statement and CSIP

The Farmington School District is a 21st-century school system founded and built upon noble traditions and excellence.  In our district, we believe and commit to the following priority areas: the Farmington Four.   

CSIP Graphic - The Farmington Four   

FSD Beliefs


Farmington R7 Vision

Every student in our district is…

Challenged and supported academically every day



Collaborative & Connected

Creative with Sustainability      

Lead, Learn & Serve our Community

Every student in our district is…

Safe, healthy, and secure every day


Farmington R7 Commitments

 Our District Commitments To…

Every student in our district is…

Provided future-focused opportunities every day as we strive to connect with our community


    Academic Excellence           Community Connectedness `

Safe & Healthy Environment Future-Focused

District Motto: Every Student Every Day

Farmington R7 Mission

We provide learning environments for every student to assure they are prepared for work, citizenship and change.