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School Supplies

7/10/23 - New this year!  The Farmington R7 School District is using TeacherLists to manage and share our back-to-school supply lists digitally.
  • Families can shop for school supplies online with one-click shopping at major retailers, including Amazon, Wal-Mart, Target, or Staples. All items on the list will be added to the cart, but any item not desired may be removed.
  • Families who prefer in-store shopping can use the checkable list on their phones. 

  • Families can print the list to take to the store with them.

  • Or, printed lists will still be available at our local retailers, such as Wal-Mart.


Note: We understand some families may be unable to purchase the supply items. The Farmington School District will be happy to assist any families who need help getting school supplies. Please contact your building social worker to obtain assistance.


Grades PK - 4: Mrs. Penny Robinson, LBSW [email protected] (573) 701-1300 ext. 2443

Grades 5 - 8: Marsha Petty, MSW [email protected] (573) 701-1300 ext/ 2718

Grades 9-12: Mrs. Amy Greif, MSW [email protected] (573) 701-1300 ext. 3237

Dayse Baker: Dr. Julie Downs, MSW, LCSW [email protected] (573) 701-1300 ext. 2121


You can use the links below to access specific grades or course lists.

School Supply Lists