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Online Learning through Moodle

Welcome to the world of Online Learning.
At Farmington High School, we use an online, open-source, learning platform called Moodle.  The site can be accessed from the student, parent, and teacher pages of the Farmington R-7 Website, or by going to
What do I need to know about online courses?
All of our online courses have curriculum tied to the Missouri State standards for that course.  Each course also promotes learner engagement through the use of discussion forums and interactive assignments.  We use innovative approaches to learning by providing varied course content with e-books, videos, and interactive web-based assignments and activities. By providing a wide range of instructional tools, we can address a variety of learning styles in the online environment.
How does it work?
  1. When students enroll in an online course, they are scheduled into a class hour with a teacher in the room with them.
  2. Courses can be taken any hour, any day.
  3. Courses can be accessed on any device (Chromebook, tablet, phone, PC) anywhere there is internet access.
  4. The instructor is available via email or a messaging system within the Moodle platform
What are the advantages of taking an online course?
  1. One of the greatest advantages is flexibility of your class schedule.  Any online course can be taken any hour, any day.  If you have a full schedule with many classes that are only offered specific hours (Band, choir, etc.), taking on online course may allow you the flexibility you need to fit in a few optional courses of interest to you.
  2. Learning anytime, anywhere.  With the Moodle mobile app, you can access your course during a sporting event (where you may be sitting in the bleachers waiting for your game to start), on a wifi enable bus, at home, or even on vacation.
  3. Learn at your own pace.  Although each online course has specified due dates for assignments and assessments, you can also work ahead in each course.  If you have a vacation scheduled during the semester, simply work ahead a few days.  Or, if you're sick, you can work from home with full access to your course.
  4. Having access to full course content from day one of the course.  All courses are fully available from the first day of the course with a complete listing of due dates and assignments for the entire semester.  So from the first day you enroll, you will know exactly what is expected of you for the entire semester. 
  5. Parental Access.  When you log on to your online course at home, you can show your parents all of the course content, your grades, assignments, etc. so they know what you're learning and how you're doing.
Are there any disadvantages to online learning?
  1. One of the keys to having a successful online learning experience is to stay motivated.  Because the online learning differs in structure from a face-to-face classroom, students have to stay up to date on assignments and due dates without much prompting from a teacher.
What courses are available?
We currently offer the following courses in an online format:
  1. Health
  2. Personal Finance
  3. Introduction to Teaching