FSD Partners With Hazel Health

Farmington School District is excited to announce our new partnership with Hazel Health to offer same-day Urgent Care visits with a pediatric provider at school or at home for 3 pilot schools this year.

At Dayse Baker, Washington-Franklin, and Farmington High School, on-demand health services are provided using telehealth in the nurse’s office or at your home if your student is sent home sick. This is an optional service that carries no cost to families. These visits address many challenges with urgent care, including:


  • Medical treatment: Conditions like stomach aches, headaches, sprained ankles, asthma concerns, head lice, rashes, and many other conditions that often interfere with your child’s learning

  • Medication: Prescriptions are written for you to pick up at the pharmacy or over-the-counter medication is provided at school when appropriate

  • Coordination: Hazel providers work with the school nurse and/or your family physician to help your child return to school safely and get the care they need quickly

 This is an optional service that carries no cost to families.

 Parents, in order to help students, we need your help! Please complete the following as soon as possible so we know your family’s preferences.


  1. Visit my.hazel.co/fsdknights to learn more about Hazel Health.

  2. While on the website, complete the consent form to ensure your child has access to care when it is needed OR opt-out if you would prefer not to use this service.