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Integrated Studies (IS) Team

Superman Integrated Studies


Diana Casey 

Laura Wadlow                                          

    Conference hour- 7th hour   (1:30 - 2:10)

         (573) 701-1330 (extensions 2261 - 2245)


Welcome to Farmington Middle School!  We are pleased that you will be part of the Superman Integrated Studies class.  Our school and classroom theme for the year is Being an Upstander, not a Bystander.  We are asking students to be an upstander by making a difference in the lives of others and displaying extraordinary character, just like a superhero.  


Mrs. Casey and Ms. Wadlow have taught integrated studies together for eight years and are excited to begin another year.  If you have any questions or concerns, the easiest and quickest way to reach us is through email. We are also available for phone calls or conferences during 7th hour (1:30 - 2:10).  Please feel free to contact us; we look forward to working with your child this year!


Course Description

On the IS team, the students will be working in groups to explore connections between science and social studies, and integrating the reading and math concepts. The students will be asked to write on various topics throughout the learning units. Although students will be exploring concepts as a group, small group instruction,  mini-lessons, and class lectures are a part of the curriculum.


Instructional Philosophy

The students are expected to:

  • collaborate in small groups
  • share responsibilities on projects
  • complete work on time
  • use class time wisely
  • explore concepts with a small groups of peers and ask for guidance as needed
  • come to school on time and ready to learn each day

Major Course Projects

ELA - Your child will be required to read 2 books per quarter for ELA class.  The books must be

at least 100 pages; books over 300 pages will count as 2 books.  The book projects and due dates are are listed on the green sheet and on Google Classroom.


Math - Daily homework video notes using GoMath!


Science/Social Studies Units - Every 4 to 6 weeks with assignment due dates. Culminating project at the end of each science unit.


Project Outline and Grading

Scoring guides are provided for each project within the science and social studies unit.


  • Grades are posted on Student Information System and are updated by Monday evening.
  • Test grades are worth 70% of the grade
    • If students fail a test, they will be expected to stay for tutoring and retake the test
  • Homework grades make up 30% of the final grade, but are necessary to ensure learning.  
    • If students do not complete homework, they will be expected to stay for tutoring to complete assignments.
  • As part of the curriculum, students will be given a pretest before each unit.  Additionally, each student’s progress will be monitored, if necessary, students may be asked to stay for tutoring for additional assistance.
  • Study guides will be provided over the learning concepts for each test to help students study for tests.  


Tutoring is available for students who need additional assistance. Mrs. Casey and  Ms. Wadlow are available for after school tutoring each week. The schedule may vary depending on the needs of students.  



The ICU (Intensive Care Unit) was designed to ensure that all students complete all assignments here at FMS. When a student fails to turn in an assignment or does not meet the expectations on an assignment, you will recieve a text or email to let you know of the missing assignment. If your child needs additional assistance, then please email us, so we will be able to schedule a tutoring session.  If the assignment is not turned in by Thursday, your child will be assigned for tutoring on Monday afternoon. You will be notified again by text or email when the assignment is complete.



Our class follows the BIST policy as outlined at FMS.  We try to redirect behavior and help students make wise choices.  We discuss behaviors and solutions with students to ensure accountability for their actions and help students problem solve.  If necessary, we will contact you for a conference.



Although we do not have parties at FMS, we do have celebrations at the end of the quarter or for special events.  If you would like to provide snacks or drinks, please let us know.


Snacks and drinks

Students are allowed to bring healthy snacks and water bottles to class.